Romanovna Fine Art | Three Dimennsional

You like good movies don't you? You like scenes that are the almost unimaginable? Yes. That is why I like working in 3D. It's a medium where I am in total control of my world, and yet I use that to transmit varying emotions even from places or events I have never experienced. Working artistically in 3D is like living a fantasy in a healthy way. It is also extremely intense and difficult work and most enjoyable to allow my mind to wander to imagined locations.

Artworks are all started in Vue Infinite and later worked in Adobe Photoshop for effects rather like you enjoy in the movies.
Prints are available from onsite here or from the link below.
Ghost ShipMoonlight SerenadeLovers OceansVoidGenetically ModifiedAfrican MemoriesWhen Heaven BreaksDestiny