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Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford was born Lucille Fay LeSueur on March 23, 1905 or '06, in San Antonio, Texas.
Lucille's parents were Thomas LeSueur, a laborer, and Anna Bell Johnson. LeSueur left the family either shortly before or after Lucille's birth and Anna Bell relocated to Lawton, Oklahoma, where she married Henry Cassin, operator of the local "Opera House," which showcased traveling vaudevillians. Joan, known as "Billie Cassin" during these years, later cited Cassin as a kindly influence on her early life: He encouraged her interest in dancing and let her hang around the show people; soon she was making her own costumes and organizing performances for herself and the neighbor kids.
Joan's breakthrough came in September of 1928 with her role as "Diana" in Our Dancing Daughters. Joan co-starred with Anita Page and Dorothy Sebastian, and her spunky wild-but-moral flapper character struck a chord with the public and zeitgeist. The fan mail began pouring in and from that point on Joan was a bonafide star.