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Art within this gallery is modern contemporary and are created by either vector graphic design, traditional painting, digital painting and compositions of all three. This is more a gallery where I simply let my imagination take over even when a work tends to contain some realism, it does come from an imaginary source, sometimes very ornate and ornamental, even if the source is realistic.
A Touch Of VintageAbstract Art Meditation On RosesAngel Fish In A Row Wall ArtAs Time Goes ByAstrology Art Deco Grunge Contemporary ArtBig Fish Little FishBig Sur Abstract WaveAutumn Leaves Pressed Contemporary Art DecoBird In A Bush WhimsyBlue AbstractionBlue Flight Contemporary MinimalismBohemian Dancer FantasyBorn To Be ProudBright Happy Bear Modern Children Art ulButter Yellow MorningButterfly Dreams Contemporary ArtButterfly Morning Contemporary ArtCeltic MandalaClock Works In Time Grunge ArtDiva