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Cotswolds Of England

Cotswolds Of England

Castle Combe has been called 'The Prettiest Village in England'. In the midst of the Cotswolds visitors have been coming to enjoy its charms for at least a century and the small street leading from the Market Cross down to the By Brook is as picturesque today as it ever was.

Castle Combe�s history goes back much further than this though. The site of the castle is above today�s village, but little other than earthworks now mark its one time presence. Originally it was a British hill fort which became occupied by the Romans due to its proximity to The Fosse Way. After the Romans, came the Normans, who built the fort up into a Castle.

By the Middle Ages the village in the valley had become an important centre for the wool industry. The spinsters and weavers lived in the cottages (hence names such as "Weaver�s House") and the river, still known as By Brook, provided the power to run the mills.

There are also a lot of art classes run from this village - and the views to paint are extremely stirring to the creative mind.