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Graphic Design Artwork and Patterns of Varied Mediums and styles focusing on designs that work for print or decor. These artworks are created mainly for the purpose of designer art on pillows,cushions,phones cases,duvet covers and t-shirts, although they are certainly not excluded from being hung on walls and people do. I happen to love design and consider it as much a part of my art as I do my paintings - it's just different and a change from the constant thoughts of the next picture I am longing to create. Mandala art and graphics is where I find imaginative design rather relaxing.
A Time To RestA Touch Of VintageAbstracting IllusionsAn Ocean RumblesAnarchy Of The HeartAnatomy Of NatureAncient Gift Of HappinessAngel GlassAs Light As Air Green BlueAutumn Love HeartBe Still My HeartBlack and Pink Modern Decor DesignBlue and Green Ornate Decorative AbstractBlue Floral Cloth Modern Decor DesignBlue Green Violet Abstract Modern Decor DesignBronze Grunge Decorative AbstractCobalt Blue Modern Decor DesignCyan Blue Modern Decor DesignDecadent Urban Bright Yellow Patterned Purple Abstract DesignDecadent Urban Cyan Blue Patterned Abstract Design