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I love birds, well, I love all of nature, but birds are special to me as I have lots of birds inside my home; so much so that it sounds more like an aviary than a house.
I find birds beautiful to work with for my art and adore their personalities and colors of their feathers. I hope you like my bird collection.

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Tempestuous BeautyShake Shake ShakeProud Bald EagleMagical PeacockArt Loving Blue MacawLife In The Sunshine - Bird Art Abstract RealismSurreal Stork In A StormHunter With A Hair DoAustralian Sulphur Crested CockatooBlissful StorkBeautifully Mute SwanAustralian Wild EmuBarn Owl On BarkBird SongsBlue Heron By WaterBorn With A Crown Minimal ArtBullfinch In AutumnCheeky Blue MacawColorful Peacock ExpressionismCondor Americana -Dont' Mess Around With Me