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Fractal Art. I create these images always with my own math. There is no work where the computer does it all for me, which would be far easier but no satisfaction. Some have other elements a
dded, but you will see that clearly. Fractals can be extremely beautiful, others tend towards total abstract where I doubt anyone could make something out of, but every fractal is created with not only mathematics in mind, but in what I will arrive at once I have entered x=y. It is a very advanced computer art form, and the prints are a sheer delight to the eyes as no camera has some between what you get as a print, and what I have created.

Prints and all my fractals are available below -:
Ornate Royal Flush AbstractInfinite Dreams AbstractOrnamental Shell AbstractRoyal Lace AbstractSymbiosis Of ColorPassionate TemptationImperial OrnamentRomantically Jewelled AbstractZen KnotDusky EngravingsTudor RoseCrazy Modern Art AbstractBeautiful Dahlia AbstractIn The Midst Of Nature AbstractCelestial Dream AbstractHeart To HeartDeep Waters AbstractThe Birth Of NaturePastel Garden AbstractAutumn Reverie Abstract