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Graphic Design Patterns and Artwork of Varied Mediums focusing on seamless pattern work aimed at decor and artists. If you would like one of these as a download please contact me.
Mandala Art : The mandala pattern is used in many religious traditions. Hildegard von Bingen, a Christian nun in the 12th century, created many beautiful mandalas to express her visions and beliefs. In the Americas, Indians have created medicine wheels and sand mandalas. The circular Aztec calendar was both a timekeeping device and a religious expression of ancient Aztecs. In Asia, the Taoist "yin-yang" symbol represents opposition as well as interdependence. Tibetan mandalas are often highly intricate illustrations of religious significance that are used for meditation.

Simply put - I love creating mandala art and designs - that is when I retreat within and bring whatever there is to the fore. It's also a little break from the brushes. :)
Journey To The Center Of The Earth Wall ArtEffective CommunicationVintage Ornamental AbstractBeautiful Facade-Abstract ArtAncient Gift Of HappinessInner Peace MandalaBold Maze AbstractHeat Wave Abstract DesignHis And Hers AbstractGreen Metallica AbstractSilver Dreams Abstract DesignBokeh Modern Decorative Design IPsychadelic DreamsIntertwined Red AbstractBlue With White DaisiesQuiet AbstractionBokeh Modern Decorative Design IVChaotic Butterfly MandalaRetro AbstractBokeh Modern Decorative Design VI