Romanovna Fine Art | Flowers

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Flowers from Photographs to Paintings and combinations of various mediums, various different flowers and some that have been manipulated into gorgeous compositions for you to enjoy.
I find flowers extremely beautiful, and in some instances I think that floral art can appear very sensual.
Floral art represents an almost sensual experience for me, after all, flowers are sensual particularly when viewed as macro. My floral art comes in many different forms such as macro,paintings,"pastel "painting","oil and acrylic","textured photography", and just about everything you can artistically imagine.

My love of floral art started in my childhood both with my parents and my grandparents who opened my eyes to the beauty of each flower in their gardens. It became a hobby of mine as a child of 5 to pick flowers from anyone's garden just for their beauty. Yes, I was a 5 year old thief, but it wasn't long after that that flowers became a source of artistic inspiration and remain so today.

All images and more can be purchased at the link below. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy viewing what nature has to offer.
Light Pink Roses On BlackTender CarnationOne Rose Bloom On BlackRose Of SplendorPink BlushOrange Roses On BlackMy Love For You Will Last ForeverLove Is As Tender As A White RoseDusky Peach Roses On BlackGrande GerberaLovingly Picked For YouSunflower DelightDark Kisses Of The Night Black and WhiteFloral IntimacyClassic Elegance Of SimplicityOne Rose Bloom Black and WhiteOrange Roses On WhiteDark Kisses Of The NightBlack and White Roses On BlackLight Pink Roses On White