Book Review : My Mother Munchausen’s and Me By Helen Naylor

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Helen Naylor’s Audio Book, my Mother, Munchausens and Me is a non fictional account of the author’s experience in growing up loving her deeply disturbed Mother whom it appears had little to no love for her daughter, Helen. 


I found it extremely easy to relate to Helen and empathize with what she endured from birth, throughout her growing years, and eventually her marriage and subsequent births of her own two children. 


Despite Helen being a grown woman, Elinor, her Mother, still demanded Helen’s obeisance to her every wish and whim; never for one moment considering that her daughter was an adult with responsibilities of her own.  If anything, Elinor sought to continually interrupt Helen’s life with mind games and outright lies,  often leaving her feeling completely alone and bewildered, yet yearning for her Mother’s love and acceptance. 


Helen Naylor’s audio book is narrated by the author herself,  and it’s as if she’s sitting across a cosy kitchen table privately telling the listener her story.   

The beautiful intimacy Helen creates with her listener’s or readers, along with her ability to bring characters to life, made for an absolutely enjoyable experience despite the rather horrific events that are revealed after Elinor dies. 


Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.




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