Book Review : Hospisophy : The Wisdom of the Hospice by Danny Blorian

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Danny Blorian’s book,  Hospisophy The Wisdom of the Hospice is described as a way to die, and a way to live. 

I found an intrinsic beauty written between the pages of people’s stories as their life was coming to a close.  What is between the pages is a manual on how to live so as to die without regret, without sadness, without looking back and wishing things had been done differently, or better choices had been made.  


Danny Blorian shares with his readers an amazing amount of empathy in how to care and show kindness to those we love and care for in their time of greatest need. 


Most importantly - he gives his readers the honest secrets on how to live. 


Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to live a good life and die with peace.


Beautifully written and extremely profound.

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