Audiobook Review : Uprooted by Peter J Boni

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How a journey of self-discovery unearthed the scandalous evolution of artificial insemination

By his forties, Peter J. Boni was an accomplished CEO, with a specialty in navigating high-tech companies out of hot water. Just before his fiftieth birthday, Peter’s seventy-five-year-old mother unveiled a bombshell: His deceased father was not biological. Peter was conceived in 1945 via an anonymous sperm donor. The emotional upheaval upon learning that he was “misattributed” rekindled traumas long past and fueled his relentless research to find his genealogy. Over two decades, he gained an encyclopedic knowledge of the scientific, legal, and sociological history of reproductive technology as well as its practices, advances, and consequences. Through twenty-first century DNA analysis, Peter finally quenched his thirst for his origin.

In Uprooted, Peter J. Boni intimately shares his personal odyssey and acquired expertise to spotlight the free market methods of gamete distribution that conceives dozens, sometimes hundreds, of unknowing half-siblings from a single donor. This thought-provoking book reveals the inner workings―and secrets―of the multibillion-dollar fertility industry, resulting in a richly detailed account of an ethical aspect of reproductive science that, until now, has not been so thoroughly explored.

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EDITION Audiobook, Unabridged
ISBN 9781626349094
DURATION 7 Hours, 48 Minutes, 13 Seconds


At the age of 50 the Author, Peter J Boni, discovers via his 75 year old mother that he was conceived via artificial insemination due to his father being infertile.   His parents  had a choice of remaining childless or his Mother could undergo conception via anonymous donor.  In 1945 they chose the latter.   Peter was conceived and raised as if he was born to the two biological parents he’d lived with. 


Within this book is a beautiful intertwining of a more personal retelling amidst a great deal of deeply researched scientific data and history of artificial insemination. 


I found this Audiobook very difficult to stop listening to; it was absolutely riveting to discover that personally I had always presumed artificial insemination to be an almost modern choice of childless couples, and yet it has been going on for so long and with such fervour that the true date of the inception of this practice is probably unknown. 


For 20 plus years Peter seeks to not only share his findings, but to seek his true origins.  In the beginning he mainly wanted to fill in his medical history,  but what came about was far more than he could have wished for.   There’s been a great secrecy regarding artificial insemination and Peter exposes a lot of it, but when he was conceived his parents were told to keep the matter a secret, even from his Mother’s own treating Obstetrician!  The data on eugenics is eye opening and stark, and yet told in a manner that is easily understood. 


I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in memoirs dealing with medical issues, particularly personal accounts!   As an added bonus I found the narrator Josh Bloomberg superb. 


One of the best books I’ve listened to all year! 


Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.




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