Book Review : He Loves Me She Loves Me Not

November 14, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Emersyn Park’s book “He Loves Me She Loves Me Not” grabbed my full attention by the end of the short but intriguing prologue.  Very few books have the ability to gain a level of interest so quickly in a book, at least in my experience.

Lily is a daughter any mother would be proud of, but Lily’s Mother, Daisy,  is as amoral as Lily is pure.   
I won’t lie, this book is quite disturbing as Daisy’s full nature and way of life are slowly revealed painfully, shockingly and methodically by Lily as she reads her Mother’s diaries.   The tension between Mother and Daughter is palpable, whilst Lily adores, and is adored by her Father in return. 

Overall this book is intelligently written and I’ll most certainly be looking for more books by Emersyn Park. 
A Highly Recommended read for Adults.


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