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Passionate Garden - Abstract

Passionate Garden - Abstract

Painted Freehand in Studio Artist 4.04 using a Cintiq 24HD came this vibrant and colorful abstract garden full of passionate colors.
I think most of us love color! I tend to either be very subdued or bright and bold, which ever suits my mood at the time, but emotively painting color is something I truly love to do, and then I hope my viewers see something as lovely as I felt whilst working.
Poem - Anon

You have planted a seed in the secret garden of my soul, that I will water everyday and give it love to grow.

I will nurture it and take care to give it all that it needs, and grow a symbol of our love from this sacred seed.

As I watch it blossom I think of you here with me, and dream of the blessed day when together we shall be.

If you are ever lonely or sad and blue, step into our secret garden where I wait for you.

Come share in the splendor that our love has grown, and in my arms by this rose let our secret be known.