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For quite some time now I have been working on something different; something unique in style and unique in how it is done. For many many years I have worked with math and created my own fractals but something within me wanted to change the way they were produced and presented. I looked around everywhere and could never find anything like what I wanted to do until one day I realized I was looking at the wrong math and in fact, my math had very little to do with what I wanted in my abstract mood art. Finding it was one thing, finding a computer I could use that could render my efforts for a week was another, but I succeeded and created impasto fractal imaging - but all are mixed with "some" traditional painting or digital painting, or a lot of traditional painting. None are raw "as is" images, but the thickness you can see on the image is truly math based. I hope you enjoy this gallery as I feel I have created something truly unique.
Intimate Ocean AbstractCobalt Blue Abstract SeascapeWhere The Sun Meets The Ocean AbstractFirefly AbstractHot Summer Landscape AbstractFragility AbstractRed Sea And Surf AbstractGardens Of The Universe Abstract MoodsEarthy Illusions Grunge AbstractSplash Of Nature AbstractBlue Boardwalk AbstractBreath Of Summer HeatColorful Dreams Within ChaosZen Waters AbstractTranquil Beaches AbstractVast Cosmos AbstractCelestial Moons AbstractCelestial Explosion AbstractAnima AbstractMorning Heat Abstract