Georgiana Romanovna Mixed Media Artist Biography

My great love of nature, animals and ever changing seasons is what first brought me to art at a very young age. I have done a great many things throughout my life, but the one constant has always remained; the love of art and of creating. By nature I'm very introverted, emotional and sensitive, although most would not see this unless they looked at my art, and many have referred to me as being "the romantic artist". I'm unsure whether I agree with the assessment, but my emotional sensitivity is very much in tune with my creativity. I would go so far as to say I am in tune with the natural world around me on sometimes a very raw level.


I have studied with some brilliant artists in the world as well as taken private art classes on a regular basis. I wasn't interested in art school as I was far too busy studying classical music, and art to me seemed to come more naturally. The bliss of youth and naivety!

I'm a traditional artist that is extremely passionate about learning about every style of art that exists, and for a short time I became allergic to oil paint, only to discover it was an ingredient in some brands and not others. This led me to intensive studies in photography and digital painting freehand. I can oil paint again I tend to combine a lot of these together, or create new works with each medium, but the drive to create is something I am so passionate about I cannot help but talk about art with anyone who is genuinely interested, not just and interest in my art, but art in general.

Eventually I was asked to take up a teaching position in an adult education class for art, and although I only did this for four years, it was extremely rewarding. Soon after this I was awarded a medal for services to the arts - music and visual art. Whilst all of the above transpired I had another passion. Hospice work. I strongly believe that the dying and infirmed deserve every dignity that should be accorded to them, no matter age or race. This led me to study hospice work where I attained a position which allowed me to fulfil a great desire to help others. I survived the position for four years and in honesty, I received far more than I could ever have given.I soon realized my attachments to people were too deep and each passing became a personal loss.

Now I am a full time mixed media artist and do commission work both in traditional works and in the arena of selling original digital art to major companies.