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Landscapes and nature created with different mediums such as ,paintings,"pastel "painting","oil and acrylic","textured photography", and just about everything you can artistically imagine.

I have always had a great love of the outdoors and that soon progressed into translating what I felt about my surroundings into art. Many a time I work with what I feel about somewhere, other times it is what I see, but the one thing I find intensely satisfying is when I can create a mood I am feeling or sensing about a landscape I find particularly beautiful, and it is more atmosphere I seek than anything else.
The Painter And His LoveDreamy Autumn ImpressionismMist On The BayouWeeping Willow Oh Weep No MoreMagical Forests ImpressionismAutumn GracePortland Lighthouse In A StormSunrise On The SeaGolden Mist Landscape TryptychBlossoms In WinterEnglish Country GardenSeasons Come Seasons GoHeaven On Earth Landscape ArtMorning Fantasy ForestSummertime BluesThe Eagle And The BoatNostalgic MemoriesGolden AutumnMagical Forests Impressionism Rose Quartz ToneRomantic Parisian Luncheon