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Landscapes and nature created with different mediums such as ,paintings,"pastel "painting","oil and acrylic","textured photography", and just about everything you can artistically imagine.

I have always had a great love of the outdoors and that soon progressed into translating what I felt about my surroundings into art. Many a time I work with what I feel about somewhere, other times it is what I see, but the one thing I find intensely satisfying is when I can create a mood I am feeling or sensing about a landscape I find particularly beautiful, and it is more atmosphere I seek than anything else.
Mist On The BayouSensual Spring MeadowsBlue Field RhapsodyWeeping Willow Oh Weep No MoreWarm Glow Of SummerMagical Forests Impressionism Rose Quartz ToneBlue Bliss In The MorningMysterious ForestHeather On A Misty HillThe Land Where Dreams Come TrueSpring Storm In AustraliaThe Winds Come As Night Falls ImpressionismDreamy Summer MeadowSummer Yellow TulipsSpring Pink MeadowSpring BlissDelights Of SpringAustralian Morning At SunriseAutumn Radiance Impressionism Wall ArtSprinkling Red Magic